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From raw material to finished systems



From raw material to finished systems

Internal production process that enhances the construction of the machine

The machines, components and structures of the waste treatment plants are completely built inside the OMAR workshop organized through light carpentry, bending, deformation, heavy carpentry and welding processes.

With the internal design and production, ITR Recycling Technologies manages to follow the production process from raw material to finished plant, controlling every single processing step and maintaining a high quality standard.

The metal raw material used in the processes is chosen on the basis of the specific processes that must be performed. The use of AISI 304 steel, an alloy composed of iron and carbon, is classified as one of the most suitable materials for the construction of structural carpentry with qualitatively excellent chemical-physical specifications. Iron, another material used for metal carpentry, is added with other metal elements, to give the final plant greater strength and durability characteristics.

Within the 15.000sqm of OMAR factory, the mechanical workshop is divided into:

  1. Heavy Carpentry – it is the main process where engineering and technology come together to create customized projects.
  2. Painting – the metal piece of carpentry is treated and painted to give a recognizable color to the various components
  3. Light Carpentry – in this process there is a lower thickness of the sheets, the material is processed with speed and precision
  4. Assembly, testing and shipping – is the final step of the production process, where the metal part joins the hydraulic and electrical part: each single component is assembled, tested and perfected to offer the customer the greatest performance of the whole system.