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ITR Recycling Technologies is born



ITR Recycling Technologies is born

Let’s start with a new brand, a new website and a renewed presence on the social networks.

The restart has led a real breath of fresh air in OMAR and ITR. During the lockdown time, we never stopped. Our customer service stayed available for all those customers belonging to the essential supply chains, moreover we worked at full speed, both in the company and from home, to develop some important innovations.

The first is the birth of the ITR Recycling Technologies brand.

ITR has grown rapidly in almost ten years of activity, affirming itself as a reality of excellence in the manufacturing of plants for the treatment and sorting of urban solid waste and for the recycling of metals. The Waste Treatment and Metal Recycling divisions are becoming even stronger today, identifying themselves in a single brand, which encompasses all the capacity for innovation, experience and knowledge acquired in the various areas that make up this sector.

The new brand is accompanied by a new website, characterized by a modern graphic design and agile navigation routes, designed to let the user discover the rich and technologically advanced world of ITR with the due immediacy.

Finally, today more than ever, we are convinced about the importance of being online.

We could never replace handshakes, but we can make sure that our customers and partners get to know us closely and may interact with us easily, even in times of social distancing. That is why we have chosen to count on our social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn, adopting a human, direct and transparent approach.

In particular, if you follow us on LinkedIn, you will be able to see how our plants are made: from the design and engineering  to the manufacturing at our workshop / delivery and installation  on site. Besides, you may read our case studies, get more information about the technical features of our products and get all the news about OMAR and ITR in advance. We wait for you on LinkedIn.

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