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          OUR HISTORY

          Intelligence. Passion. Technology.
          ITR Recycling Technologies
          A Brand of Omar.
          ITR Recycling Technologies was born as a business division of Omar for the development and design of treatment and selection plants for municipal solid waste and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the experience acquired by the parent company and by the R&D company divisions, today ITR is on the market as a partner for the development of complete, turnkey recycling plants, for the treatment of industrial and urban, ferrous and non-ferrous waste .
          Improves the lives
          Omar is a leading industrial reality in Italy and worldwide, in the design, construction, installation and assistance of industrial plants with low environmental impact. For more than 40 years Omar has been improving life by creating air filtration systems to protect workers' health and waste recycling systems to reduce the environmental impact.
          Our plants for environmental sustainability.
          The term Sustainability refers to the biophysical conditions of the Earth and the use made of its resources, which cannot be exploited infinitely. OMAR has created its corporate mission following this simple but basic concept, realizing air filtration systems and recycling plants for solid urban waste and ferrous and non-ferrous metals, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
          OUR TEAM
          it's made up of competent and specialized professionals available to customers and the market.
          Technicians and specialized engineers
          in analysis and research
          Salesman technicians, agents, whistleblowers
          and area manager.
          Technicians and engineers specialized in project development.
          Skilled workers, licensed welders
          and operators
          Construction site technicians fitters and supervisors
          Service technicians for the start-up
          and testing
          of the plants


          Omar meets the requirements required by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, has the SOA OS14 certificate for participation in tenders for the execution of works and public works and is certified EN 1090.1, certification of metal structures, a further step to offer a global service to customers in the supply of ever safer and more performing machines and systems. A team attentive to the needs of the markets, in possession of the skills necessary to offer quality, safety and all the documentation, calculations and certificates necessary to accompany the works, in full compliance with the regulations.
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