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          AIR10K-M-Separatore aeraulico_5

          Aeraulic Windshifter Separators – AIR


          Aeraulic separators - ITR AIR

          The ITR AIR series Aeraulic separators are designed to valorize and separate the light fractions from the heavy fractions of pre-treated or screened waste such as multi-material plastic, MSW, waste from bulky mixed metals.

          An example of light fraction separation from heavy fraction can be:

          • Light fraction: llastiche Leggere, Film Naylon, papers, threads, sponges etc
          • Heavy fraction: jets, glass, metals, heavy plastics, etc

          The aeraulic machines of the ITR series can be installed and integrated in existing plants between a primary and a secondary shredder (fast breeder). The insertion of the areaulic avoids:

          • High and frequent maintenance costs and downtime
          • Separation of metals of different densities
          • Economic exploitation of different separate materials (aluminium cans, casing cans or profile cans)
          • Separation of rigid and heavy plastics with good economic value etc

          Technical Data

          ModelHourly production Ton/hDensity m3/h input materialMax input material dimensions mm
          AIR 3000v*3200/400**100/150
          AIR 5000V*5200/400**100/150
          AIR 10.00010200200
          AIR 20.00020200300
          AIR 30.00030200300

          * Model with loading and transport system and with table
          ** The density may vary from the type of material to be separated

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