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Combined with our technological expertise and the specific needs of our clients, the values promoted by O.M.A.R. and the two I.T.R. divisions help to shape all of our products and services, and are upheld by all of our employees.


Ingenuity and passion for protecting the work environment and the atmosphere that surrounds our planet.


Gained during the course of nearly forty years of activity in various industrial fields, combined with the specific professional expertise of its sales and technical personnel.

The construction of custom plants with various solutions for eliminating pollutants via dry, wet or bio-filtration, and for recycling and recovering waste and metals.

The ongoing effort to keep people and the environment as the focus of our projects.

The research and development of new technologies for filtering and eliminating pollutants, dusts, gases, odours, noise, and chemicals, and for sorting, separating, shredding, and grinding waste materials.

A constant commitment to improving our products and services, with quality as our main focus, in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and guarantee a secure future for our business.