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          La grande sfida_plastiche alleate della Green Economy

          The big challenge: plastics allied to the Green Economy


          The big challenge: plastics allied to the Green Economy

          In a green oriented vision, which looks to the future of the Earth and of the new generations, plastic is a rather controversial topic. If on one hand, our everyday life is full of this material, to the point of not even imagining how our lives could change without it, in its different types, shapes and colors, on the other hand, we have the strong awareness that the origin of these products from fossil sources, requires a strong commitment to their management at the end of their life.

          Companies in the sector, whether they are dedicated to the recovery, selection and treatment of plastic waste, or to the regeneration of the material for the production of secondary raw materials, are protagonists in this challenging environmental and economic scenario.

          Scenario in which the companies are determined to forge collaborations with top partners, in order to create solutions for careful and specific treatments suitable for the highest sustainability purposes. The ITR Recycling Technologies sorting plants, assisted by OMAR Aeraulic Technologies, which has been operating for more than 40 years in the industrial air treatment sector, contribute to the achievement of this aim, guaranteeing higher yields in the separation and sorting of plastic waste and levels of purity worthy of the most stringent standards.

          Today the adequate cleaning from dust, pollutants and metal fractions, the precise separation and effective selection of the different types, colors / transparency and size of the plastics (PET, HDPE, PE, PP, PVC), are in fact essential prerequisites, in the choice of an avant-garde sorting plant in step with the quality standards required by the market. The plastic recycling sector has the clear objective of progressively increasing the percentage of fractions recycled, but at the same time increasing their purity, in order to offer the compounding companies and converters higher quality and a wider spectrum of reuse of recycled polymers.

          OMAR and ITR would like to thank all the partners, for whom and with whom, they have developed solutions and built high-performance plants for the selection of plastics, for the production of secondary raw materials, such as granulates for the worlds of construction, agriculture, packaging and automotive and, last but not least, for the production of SRA (Secondary Reduce Agent).

          In fact, the last plays a doubly important role in the green game, since if on one hand it contributes to increase the recyclable fraction, bringing it to total levels of 75-85% (50-55% traditional recycling, 25-30% recycling of mixed plastics), on the other hand it brings multiple environmental benefits to another sector: the iron and steel industry.

          In fact, the partial replacement of the coal blown with this particular plastic granule, as a « secondary reducing agent » in the steel production process, is a sustainable alternative that also contributes to limiting the use of fossil sources, significantly reducing emissions of CO2 and procurement costs.

          ITR & OMAR renew their commitment to their customers every day, to support them in the engineering, design, production and installation of plants and machines for the selection, treatment, valorization of plastic waste, the air treatment and the abatement of pollutants coming from these processes. The DNA of Omar S.r.l. is that of a verticalized company in which the absolute and integrated control of internal processes achieves the great ability to stand out on the market for the specificity and environmental and economic sustainability of its solutions.