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          How to enhance ferrous metals?



          How to enhance ferrous metals?

          Containers derived from MSW , CSS, TMB

          In order to improve as much as possible the ferrous waste that leaving the MSW, CSS, TMB treatment plants we need a process that takes account of the economic, logistic, management and environmental elements from treated waste.

          • Economic: It’s important for those who recover and process ferrous material feed the foundry with a high quality characteristics product. indeed a good melt is also depende from a low amount of slag and impurities existing in the melting material. And that’s why cleaning the iron proler exiting the separation line is essential to give a high quality material to the foundry, increase its economic value and create circular economies.
          • Logistic: the output metallic ferrous material is homogeneous, thickened with a small volume to facilitate its storage and transport to the foundries after processing;
          • Management: The use of high quality components and innovative technologies facilitates maintenance, helping to keep operating costs low.
          • Environment: the material is recovered at 100%, reducing the impact on the environment; the metal fraction is reintroduced as raw material in foundries, while the inert fraction as css in treatment plants.

          This is the enhancement process that thanks to the innovative technologies of the separation and treatment lines of ITR Recycling Technologies, designed and built internally to the company, guarantees the cleaning of the ferrous material with a maximum impurity of 50%, obtaining a high quality kiln ready material.

          Discover custom-made solutions for all your needs, with compact and customizable systems with fixed and mobile hammer mills and complete separation lines.

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