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Dual Shaft Shredding Machines | ITR TSS


Dual Shaft Shredding Machines - ITR TSS

The TSS dual shaft shredding machines provide for the volumetric reduction and roughing of the material, in order to prepare it for the subsequent valorization and separation processes. The cutting chamber’s design allows for the quick maintenance and replacement of the parts subject to wear (blades, spacers, and counter-blade), thus reducing operating costs and downtime. The possibility of configuring the blades for processing numerous types of materials renders the TSS shredding machines extremely versatile and allows them to meet a wide range of production requirements.

Technical Data

ModelCutting chamber  mmBlades Power KWVersion
ITR TSS 1001.100×900Fixed2 x 30
2 x 37
Electric / Hydraulic
ITR TSS 1301.300×1.100Fixed / With
interchangeable teeth
2 x 55
2 x 75
Electric / Hydraulic
ITR TSS 1501.500×1.100Fixed / With
interchangeable teeth
2 x 75Electric / Hydraulic
ITR TSS 1801.800×1.350Fixed / With
interchangeable teeth
1×200 kW
1x 250 kW
ITR TSS 2002.000×1.500Fixed / With
interchangeable teeth
1x 355 kWHydraulic