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The TSS 150 shredders for the treatment of bulky waste in Korea have also started.


The TSS 150 shredders for the treatment of bulky waste in Korea have also started.

There are no borders when it comes to technology.

However, it is important to choose trusted partners, capable of listening, interpreting, analyzing and recommending the right solutions. But not only; those who are and will always be by your side 10,000 km away.

TSS shredders guarantee maximum yield, precise shredding and volumetric reduction of bulky, ferrous and non-ferrous waste, realizing an effective pre-treatment of the waste that have to be valorised.

They are solid and resistant machines, made with superior quality steels, which are extremely versatile thanks to the possibility of configuring the blades for processing many types of material and for different production needs.

The composition of the cutting chamber allows rapid maintenance and replacement of components subject to wear, reducing management costs..

The machines are equipped with a low-speed two-shaft system, automatic reverse and hydraulic motorization in order to ensure the best shredding, combined with maximum energy efficiency and system protection in heavy-duty applications.

The touch screen control makes the management of the shredding system intuitive, with an immediate display of the system status, quick setting of commands and dedicated operating programs for each type of material.

The TSS series shredders can be perfectly integrated into 4.0 intelligent factory systems.

OMAR S.r.l. is dedicated to the design, engineering, production, installation and service of air filtration and pollutant abatement systems. Founded in 1978, today it is characterized by forty years of know-how and in-depth knowledge of the transformation processes and of the regulations in the Ecology and waste recycling.
ITR Recycling Technologies, a division specialized in the recycling sector, deals with engineering, design, production and installation of systems and machines for the selection, treatment, valorisation of waste and metals, air treatment and the abatement of odours from these processes.
The DNA of Omar S.r.l. is that of a verticalised company in which absolute and integrated control of internal processes achieves the great ability to stand out on the market for the specificity and environmental and economic sustainability of its solutions

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