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          ITR HMM 080


          ITR HMM 080

          The ITR HMM 080 hammer mill looks like a complete grinding system, installed on a demountable platform and equipped with a conveyor belt to extract the material from the soundproofing booth and a magnetic drum separator.

          The hammer mill HMM 080 is the intermediate solution between a hammer mill suitable for roughing and one for refining the material. The dimensions of the grinding chamber combined with a 160 kW electric motor with softstarter allow the processing of medium-small materials, resulting in an ideal product for the subsequent separation phase.

          The machines of the HMM (Mobile) series maintain the same characteristics as the series of fixed hammer mills, such as the hydraulic movement of the main components, the lifting of the rotor with the upper hood and the rapid replacement system of the grids; these measures guarantee a net increase in production capacity and a reduction in management costs.

          The ease of movement and compactness of the system make the HMM hammer mill a solution capable of meeting different space and production needs.

          The use of advanced, easy-to-control technology, combined with a wide configuration possibility, place the ITR HMM hammer mills at the top of the sector, offering a versatile complete range, which can also be used in more complex systems.

          Technical Data

          Mobile Hammer Mills ITR HMMNo. HammersChamber mmPower KWProduzione oraria Ton/h
          HMS 08020800160 – 2005
          Impianti riciclo rifiuti