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          ASPIRAZIONE Omar

          Air cleaning and extraction plants


          Air cleaning and extraction plants

          Self-cleaning bag filters

          Self-cleaning bag filters are often used in the recycling sector, in particular for the selection and shredding operations of dry waste, plastic and metal, where different kinds of dry dusts in various concentrations are developed. Based on the features of the pollutant, OMAR’s engineering department will design the correct sizing of the systems using the appropriate filtering media and construction materials. If required, OMAR self-cleaning bag filters can be equipped with Atex safety systems.


          OMAR scrubbers are the perfect solution for the various issues coming from the waste treatment. They can be considered as filtration systems of humid particles, as humidifiers or as neutralizers of odorous substances by physico chemical means. In this last configuration, which is the most important, they have 3 reaction stages (acid/alkaline/oxidative) and they are equipped with suitable automatic dosage systems for the different reagents.

          Active carbon filters

          Active carbon filters are single or multi-stage filtering units containing a layer of granulated active carbon, which is crossed by the gaseous flow containing VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They are usually employed as final step for the reduction of the odours and utilize the absorption phenomenon to block the incriminating particles, until the same carbons are completely saturated. The “pre-separation” cyclones can be divided into three distinctive categories: high/medium/low yield. They are used in those cases where a decrease of the mass flow and/or a pre-settling of the largest particles is required. Its functioning principle, as indicated by their name, is based on the centrifugal force. According to the type of material to process (for example glass), the cyclones may have an anti-wearing coating.

          OMAR separators are specifically designed for the waste treatment sector. They develop a fundamental function for the quality of the final product selected. They can be static or rotary-type and this last one has been successfully improved and perfected to divide the plastic film (plastic bags and plastic trimmings) from the remaining material to be treated, with excellent results.

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